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09.25.01 - Jackrabbit

    I found myself scouring "The Web" this morning for the usual stuff: Daily News, Verbal Assaults on Charles Schultz, and recipes for a flakier pie crust. I tend to wrap things up on Fark, treading carefully past links like [these], denoted in neonletters that it's Not Safe For Work. Links likethat send an electrical pulse through our LAN and zap the company president. The zap tends to wake him up, after which he blesses your cubicle with his omnipotence and sets upon violently firing you. So when I read [this] news headline, my bowels clenched in anticipation of the previously mentioned electrical pulse. But despite what the headline says, after scanning the arcticle, there was absolutely no mention of hot girl on girl lesbo action.
    Also, if you really ARE a proud sponsor of PETA and you take offense at today's comic, please don't send any threatening email or douse the lady friends' bulging halter tops in red paint. You see, the one on the left is dating Hank, the monkey mentioned in last comic's [comments], and when he gets upset, he tends to fling poo like an epileptic in a pit toilet.
    If I failed to offend you in these comments or the above comic, please drop me a letter with a brief description of what WILL offend you and I'll get right on it.
    Here's some [wallpaper] for your viewing leasure.

    I blame the flu medicine for the above comments.


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