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1.21.02 - Jackrabbit

    Welcome to Rick's American Pub, as you *may* be able to tell by the writing on the glass. I spent 2 days on the background and only then realized that the script called for a shot of the bar from the opposite angle. The background you see above will probably be more detailed the next time you see it. I guess CJ and Natalie just stopped in during...uh... remodeling on a slow customer day.
    And before you write any letters... studious girls like to go to bars, too. They just carry mace, okay?
    I gave CJ some smoove indoor glasses to go with his new shirt. He got the shirt from his sister Jen for Christmas. In fact, maybe ALL of the characters got new clothes for Christmas!! It all depends on how lazy I'm feeling when I draw the next one.
    More coming soon, see you then!

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