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New Obama Plan Would Redistribute Computing Power

Washington D. C. - The Obama administration introduced a plan to Congress called the Computer Resource Allocation Plan, which would track utilization of computing power by citizens then reallocate that computing power based on needs.

Computer Resource Allocation PoliceObama talked about the plan today at a White House press conference. "If America wants to stay competitive in the global marketplace, its citizens must have access to proper technology. Our numbers show that nearly 1 million children do not have the computing power they need. Over 25 million laptop and desktop computers are severely underutilized."

As an example a grandmother in Peoria has an Intel i7 system with 8GB of memory, but only uses it to email and play sudoku on Miniclip. However, a 39-year-old writer in Ann Arbor, Michigan has an ancient desktop system, which frequently hits 100% on CPU utilization. Under the Obama plan the grandmother's computer would be swapped for the writer's computer by the Computer Resource Allocation Police force headed by Obama's technology czar.

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Obama Proposes Saving Throws, Death Master in Health Care Plans
Washington D. C. - Facing opposition on both sides of the aisle, President Obama proposed new measures for his health care plan to court the geek population's support for the issue.
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Obama Exploring Matrix-like Economic and Energy Solution
Washington D.C. Inspired by the Matrix trilogy of movies, Barack Obama announced in a Monday press conference a new initiative that would tackle both the current economic crisis and energy problems facing the United States.
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