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About the Slashdot Story Generator
Posted by brian on Sunday February 4, @10:15PM
from the explaining-it-all dept.
briggsb wrote in to say that for those of you who think that Slashdot doesn't update often enough, we have created the Slashdot Story Generator (SSG).  Developed in PHP and utilizing the powerful and flexible Kozzmo Generation Engine (including random typos for Added Realism(tm)), the SSG removes the annoying wait between Slashdot story postings.  Just press the convenient "Next Story" button and you'll get the rush you desire when you see your chance to make the "First Post!"  Oh, and remember BBspot is your source for tech humor so not all the stories generated will be true to life.

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  • Linux Developer Gets Laid
  • Microsoft Purchase Evil From Satan
  • Linux Kernel Delayed by Microsoft's of Evil Monkeys
  • Oops, I Did It Again...  And my Breasts Exploded
  • Linux Increases Intellectual Superiority
  • OS Showdown:   Windows 2000 vs. Linux

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