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26 Nov 2000

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From The News Desk. [from the news desk continued.]

tha news

The Back Button

Posted 11/24/2000 - 12:13pm EDT
A lot of you have written in asking "What the heck is the back button for?"   Well, our resident internet guru Panders1874 has just posted an article on the various facets of using the back button on your browser.  He goes over the different uses of this button, whether to click or double-click, and also covers operation in several different browsers.  He gets a little technical so if you're sleepy you might want to read it at another time.  Check it out - The Back Button: Wow That's Neat.. -Hannibal841

Infineon's new embedded DRAM

Posted 11/24/2000 - 12:13pm EDT
Scared you with the title didn't I?  Don't worry I don't know what DRAM means or who Infineon is for that matter.  I grabbed that header from some other site, I was just checking to see if you were paying attention.  Now that you are I just want to pass along a little advice that may save you a few hours.  If you are ever installing a new computer program, and your geeky brother-in-law can't help, never and I mean NEVER hit the button marked "Custom".  Always hit "Typical" installation, ALWAYS. I hit custom by accident and I was given a myriad of choices that had my head spinning for hours.  I eventually had to unplug my computer, and start over again. Don't say I didn't warn you. -Ator276453

Team AOL SuPeRsKiLlZ

Posted 11/24/2000 - 12:13pm EDT
AOL Technica's official SETI@Home team is pleased to announce the completion of their first work unit.  Thanks prettyboy564!!!  This moves us off the bottom of the list ahead of Team North Siberia who are a bunch of loosers cause they can't even finish one.  At our current torrid pace we should have another unit completed by 2004.   Rock on!  If you need help installing the software, please visit the SETI@Home official site, which I would post a link to, but I'm not sure where the site is.. -Csar711824

Trojan Worm Virus Affects AOL Chat Rooms

Posted 11/24/2000 - 12:03pm EDT
The virus watchers over at Symantec have announced a new virus in the wild called kewl.  This virus affects users in AOL chat rooms and makes their keyboard reproduce alternating small caps/large caps in every word.  For example: "Kewl dude". Would turn out "kEwL dUdE". They have yet to find the method of propagation, but suspect that it may be a trojan worm virus.  The experts suggest deleting all mail from users with an email address without opening it is the only way to protect your computer.  Sounds like a good idea to me.. -Loki45329

Weekend Humor

Posted 11/23/2000 - 7:22pm EDT
Reader gandalf666 pointed us to some AOL humor over at BBspot.  At least that's what he says it is.  Most of their humor goes over my head, but these mentioned AOL so I thought I would get them.  Both of them just seemed like AOL press releases to me.   The first "AOL announces the new 1000 hours per month plan tells of a the great new deal that AOL is offering. Sign me up! The second is about AOLTV and how it's for the not so bright internet user. I think everybody here could use it. -Hannibal841

Backstreet Boys New Album

Posted 11/23/2000 - 6:45pm EDT
Reader bsbrulz2000 sends us this link about the upcoming release of the new Backstreet Boys album Black and Blue (as if you didn't know).   The article breaks down the songs on the album in detail and even discusses their upcoming tour.  You can find some more technical information about the album here.  Here's hoping they crush the nsync sales record.  That would teach that Justin Timberlake a lesson or two. -Ator276453


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