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"We do LOVE the BBspot site!" - Richard Pini, creator of the Elfquest comics

"Most sites aren't remotely funny, but BBspot, now that's remotely funny." - Andrew Marlatt, SatireWire

"Your articles are a lot funnier than The Onion's.  Seriously."  - Ernie Hsiung, Little, Yellow, Different

"These guys have some funny shit." - Kyle Bennett, web monger @ HardOCP

"I almost peed my pants.  Your site kicks ass." - Dack Ragus,

"LOL!!!!!! This is so incredibly funny!" - Tillmann Steinbrecher, Heat Sink Guide

"BBspot is now, in my mind, the best site in the history of the Internet.   It's a little (but not too much) like The Onion but funnier.  A lot funnier.  Also, BBspot just linked to this page." - Oliver, The Poop Page


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