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Why have a BBloopers submission FAQ?

We have been overwhelmed by the amount of BBloopers being submitted, so we needed to create some guidelines for readers to follow before sending them in.

Should I send in every web goof that I see?

No, not every web goof is worth sending in. BBloopers need to be funny. Here are some examples of things which should NOT be sent in:

  • Unfunny typos
  • Repeated words/sentences
  • Wrong prices (too high/too low)
  • Wrong release dates (released in past/future)

This headline is hilarious, should I send it in?

Funny headlines are great, but it is unlikely they are a mistake.

I am going to start my e-mail with, "I'm not really sure if this qualifies as a BBlooper..." should I still send it in?

Probably not.

I saw this BBlooper on Fark or some other popular website. Should I send it in?


What you posted isn't a mistake?

It's BBloopers not bloopers, that means BB determines what gets posted.

Where do I send the submissions to and how should I format them?

Send them to Please attach the screenshot of the BBlooper as an image file (jpg, gif, tif, bmp). I can't use word documents or pdf files for BBloopers. Please use the word BBlooper in your subject line. Please capture as much of the browser window as you can, I'll do the cropping. Also, don't circle the BBlooper yourself, just describe what and where it is in your email text. Thanks.

Why hasn't my BBlooper been posted?

Even if your BBloooper passes all of the tests above, it might still not get posted on BBspot. We might not find it as funny as you did. We might already have received it from somebody else. We already have a long queue it could be more than a month before it appears.


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