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Do you accept unsolicited submissions?

Yes. BBspot accepts submissions that we didn't ask you to send over.

Where do I send these submissions to and how should I format them?

Send them to as inline text. Please put the title of your article as the subject.

What should my submission be about?

BBspot is a tech humor website, so we prefer humorous stories about technology. We do occassionally run general satire stories, but they need to be exceptionally funny to make the cut.

Do you respond to all your submissions?

Yes, but I get a lot of submissions. Please be patient..

How long should my story be?

Generally 300-500 words is a good length.

Do you pay for submissions, or send our free t-shirts for them?

The economics of the website do not currently allow for payment of submissions. So, after making a short answer long, NO.

What about copyright and byline?

By submitting your work you give us the right to modify your work (editing) for publication. If your work is accepted for publication, it becomes the sole property of BBspot LLC. BBspot gives bylines on published works, so please include what you would like as your byline.

What if you didn't answer my question in the FAQ?

Submitting a story isn't that complicated. If you want to make it that way then BBspot isn't the place for you to send your work.

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