Not So Daily Links

Not So Daily Links

Back in the old days before ubiquitous social media sites plagued the Web, I posted seven daily links on the site. These were a way for me to share cool, geeky things I found on the Web. I had an RSS feed that I searched to find the best of the best of the best for the day. I don’t know if it has value any more when everyone is sharing on Facebook and Twitter, but I hope maybe I have better powers of curation than your crazy uncle. We’ll see how this goes…

Wizards of the Coast Cave – Open gaming license is not going to change.

AI Music Generation – I have a feeling that in the not-so-distant future most background music in movies and TV will be AI generated. Are the days of a great John Williams score nearing an end?

Why Americans Love Coffee – As someone who gave up caffeine for three years and recently got back on the wagon, I can relate.

Tomb Raider Series on Amazon – We recently visited the temple in Cambodia that they used for one of the movies. I’m not sure what more a Tomb Raider series can explore, but with Phoebe Waller-Bridge writing for it, my interested is piqued.

BBspotTV on Twitch – OK, I admit this one is a shameless plug, but I’m trying to get to the 50 followers needed for affiliate status over on Twitch. Go follow me, and get notified when I stream, so you can witness me embarrass myself in Overwatch 2 and other games.

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  1. Gary Smith

    I loved the random daily links. Facebook is just random group/ad vomit lately (mostly TicTok feed on my feed) and Twitter is just a bunch of other random stuff. Glad to see you back

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