Could It Be Daily Links?

Could It Be Daily Links?

Not sure if I’ll make a habit of it yet, but here’s the second day in a row of Daily Links. I’ve trimmed the number down from 7 to 5 to save me some work, because it’s supposed to be all about fun this time…

Framed – Guess the movie from still frames taken from it.

The Calculator Drawer – Page that allows you to simulate old school calculators. Relive all those old math class days. I was an HP-15C guy myself.

The Generative AI Revolution – An article detailing how we got here with the current generative AI models.

Nerd Vs. Geek – An ancient epic rap battle between Rhett and Link, but still happened after I stopped doing BBspot regularly the first time.

Board Game Arena – Play a bunch of board games online with your friends, or strangers. I just wish they had the expansions for the 7 Wonders base game.

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