I Can’t Believe It’s Not Daily Links

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Daily Links

I did some exploration of the image generating AIs and used it to create the image for the story that I posted on Monday. It’s not the perfect picture for the story, but I think it’s good enough for a satire site. It certainly was a lot less work then searching down some usable images, doing some image editing and worrying about copyright issues. I can definitely envision a lot more creative work being done by AIs in the near future. And now for some links, which were not AI generated, but I should look into that…

Fox in the Hen House – OpenAI the creators of ChatGPT have released a tool that checks text to see if it’s machine written. It comes with a lot of caveats. Boomers worried that kids can’t write cursive any more, but in the future will they even be able to write at all?

I Think You Should Leave – I loved watching this show on Netflix. I can’t wait for season 3. This skit I’ve linked was the first one I saw which led me to the show. It still cracks me up. There’s probably swears in it.

Quordle – Like Wordle, but you try to do four grids at a time.

Package Tracking in Gmail – Nothing more than what’s in the title.

Fantasy Map Generator – A very cool map generator with lots of features. I use it for my DND campaign and love it.

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