Return of the Geek

Return of the Geek

It’s been about six weeks since I reopened for business here on the site, so I thought I would give a short update on how things are going.  If you count this BBlog post (but not the Daily Links), I’ve managed to post 18 content pieces in those six weeks.  For those not good at math that averages to three items per week.  While I’d love to have something new every weekday, I don’t think that’s congruent with reality.  I remember it was difficult to hit that metric when it was a full-time gig.

I’ve started to develop a routine that seems sustainable, though I’m eager to do more.  I remember this urge to do everything, everywhere, all at once, and how it leads to burnout, so I’m trying to maintain a healthy relationship here.  There’s the content creation, the marketing, and the infrastructure work that all adds up.  There’s never a deficit of things that can be done.  I just need to remind myself that slow progress over time works wonders and that this is just for fun, damnit, fun! Are you having fun yet?

You may wonder why I included marketing in the things to do if this is just for fun.  There are a couple of reasons for that. One, it’s fun when people are entertained by the site, but in this day and age, no one is going to stumble upon this place by accident.  Second, getting more eyes on the site will generate more feedback which will help make it better.  

In other news, I discovered that the mailing list site I used for sending out the BBspot Update still exists, and still has my list intact.  I sent out an update last week, so if you want to get ~weekly updates instead of checking every day, sign-up over there.  If you were part of the list and didn’t get it then you probably should check your spam folder, or update the email address you have subscribed.

I’d like to add some streaming into the mix (if you haven’t already you should follow me over on Twitch) since I’m gaming most evenings anyway.  I’m updating my setup with a new microphone that arrived yesterday, and a new webcam that arrives tomorrow.  I’ve been working on overlays and learning the ins and outs of doing a stream (like making sure your microphone works before streaming for two hours).  Learning new things is always fun for me.

That’s where the state of the site is at right now.  I have thoughts about things I’d love to try, and old features I’d like to revive, but I need to be patient and do a little at a time.  This seems sustainable, so make sure you re-add the site to your bookmark bar and tell your friends to stop by.  That’s all for now.

Stay geeky!

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