Texas Community Develops Gun-based Internet

Texas Community Develops Gun-based Internet

White Oak, TX – In a small town in Texas, a group of gun enthusiasts have developed a new internet protocol that is bulletproof to censorship. The protocol, which they call the American Bullet Internet (ABI), works by firing bullets of information to their intended recipients.

According to the creators of the ABI, the system is based on the Second Amendment, which guarantees the right to bear arms. They argue that if guns are protected by the Constitution, then the same should be true for the internet. “If you ask me why I need my AR-15, I can honestly say I need it to send an email,” said creator Cody Ranchero.

“The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, but it doesn’t guarantee the means to exercise that right,” said Ranchero. “With the ABI, we’re using our Second Amendment rights to protect our First Amendment rights. With two constitutional amendments behind us, we can talk about whatever we want without fear of the government or big tech shutting us down.”

Ranchero said another benefit of ABI is that it doesn’t rely on electricity, so “it won’t go down when Texas’ shoddy electrical infrastructure fails again.” The way the ABI works is simple: users type in the information they want to send, and the system converts it into bullets. These bullets are then fired from the sender’s gun and travel through the air until they hit the intended recipient, who is also armed and waiting to receive the message.

Currently, ABI is only implemented in White Oak but with the large number of firearms in America it could be implemented nationwide quite easily without much infrastructure spending.

Critics of the ABI have raised concerns about safety and the potential for misuse. They point out that bullets can cause serious harm and that using them to transmit information is a reckless and unnecessary risk. “This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” said one tech expert. “There are plenty of ways to protect free speech that don’t involve firing bullets at each other.”

Despite these criticisms, the creators of the ABI remain confident in their invention. They believe that it will revolutionize the way people communicate and ensure that their voices are never silenced unless they are hit by the bullets. “We’re taking the power back from the tech companies and putting it in the hands of the people,” said one of the developers. “With the ABI, we’ll never have to worry about censorship again.”

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