We Are the Knights Who Say Daily Links

We Are the Knights Who Say Daily Links

For some reason the Daily Links aren’t posting. Hopefully, these go up. Sorry for that, but I’m not sure how many people are actually checking these out.

YouTube AI – Billions of hours of video will give Google the edge.

Synthetic Embryos – I don’t see how this could go wrong.

Reddit Alternative – The Star Trek subreddit has launched on Lemmy.

Web Studio – Web tools online.

Crashing the Grid – Will all these EVs crash the electric grid?

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  1. Kelderek

    Hi Brian! Here’s one data point for you. I am an old geek who remembers you from the early days; I even bought a copy of your book way back when. I check in on the daily links once or twice a week and usually follow a few.

    1. Brian Briggs

      Awesome! Thanks for checking in. It’s good to know I’m not just yelling into the void.

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