Daily Links Like Your Mom

Daily Links Like Your Mom

RAD 2 – I’m back to playing MineCraft. Here’s the RPG style modpack that I’m playing. It’s been a while that I’ve played one without tech.

Google Search – At least it seems that Google is aware of the enshittification of their search product. Let’s hope they can do something about it in the face of ever more AI produced junk.

Windows in the Cloud – This seems like a very bad idea.

Air Safe – Number of fatalities per million flights by aircraft model. Since fatalities are so rare in air travel, it seems these could be skewed by 1 major event.

Password Game – Increasingly unhinged password requirements.

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  1. Kelderek

    I am skeptical of the Google thing – so many things don’t have a “right” answer. I suspect this will just increase the echo chamber. Also power to the Reddit mods trying to fight enshittification on that platform.

    You are right – Windows in the cloud is a bad idea. Not that it couldn’t work, but it takes away so much control and freedom from users while providing limited benefit and incurring regular cost. For low income people in particular this is hot garbage and the *best* possible outcome is that a bunch of tax dollars go to Microsoft to subsidize low income users. I definitely don’t want to see that happen. There just isn’t a significant upside for anyone other than Microsoft.

    The password game is (insane|great|hilarious|masochistic)+ Truly excellent satire mixed with self flagellation. So many sites don’t tell you their password requirements until *after* you try one. BTW there are some regular expression games out there too for nerdy fun, if you haven’t already linked to them

    1. Brian Briggs

      Regex is the bane of my existence. I’ve never taken the time to learn it, and do whatever I can to avoid it, even when it might be the best solution.

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