Daily Links Lasagna

Daily Links Lasagna

Analog Computing – New light-based computer from Microsoft.

Adapt or Die – You can be furious all you want about AI replacing you, but it’s going to happen if you don’t adapt.

Stanford AI Courses – Start to adapt.

3D Factorio – A project to put Factorio in the Unreal Engine.

Fake Real Photgraphs – It seems like a very geeky thing to do.

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  1. Kelderek

    I think the role of AI in near future should be closer to that of a tween animator where it fills out human created content rather than trying to have it create content out of whole cloth. I also think the cracks will start to show as more companies fall prey to the hype cycle, just like with cryptocurrency and NFTs. Although I will admit AI has much greater value than either of those.

    That fake real photographs video was super cool and completely insane. Maybe we really are living in a simulation after all haha

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