I Want to Believe In Daily Links

I Want to Believe In Daily Links

AI Dubs – No more subtitles as AI ready to dub videos.

Adapt or Die – Downtown office space is empty. Who will think of the landlords?

Well That Sucks – Now we won’t get early warning about aliens.

BBC on Mastodon – The rapid decline of X has people looking for alternatives.

Apocalyptic Screensaver – For your use.

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  1. Kelderek

    The AI dubbing thing is interesting, and as long as it doesn’t replace subtitling in general it could be useful and one step along the road to a Star Trek style universal translator. Some reasons to keep subtitles at least as an option:
    1) Deaf people
    2) Voice acting is often better
    3) Listening to the original language for learning, especially if subtitles are both in the original and your native language
    4) Watching in quiet environments, especially when there is quiet speech interposed with loud music/explosions/etc.
    5) Watching in noisy environments without having to turn volume way up

    1. Brian Briggs

      I don’t think we’re too far from the universal Star Trek translator. I’m not sure if I linked those glasses that displayed speech as it was said, but they looked very cool too.

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