Packing for Another Trip Daily Links

Packing for Another Trip Daily Links

With the kids graduated from college, that frees up some resources. Those resources seem to have been allocated a lot to traveling. Sometimes, just back to Michigan to visit the aforementioned kids, but also some before unvisited locales as well. We’re heading down to Costa Rica on Friday for a few days. It’s on a couple hour flight from Texas, so it’s a lot easier than I expected. I doubt I’ll have Baldur’s Gate 3 done by then, so not sure if Mrs. BBspot will accept that as a reason to delay. Probably not.

Military Grade – The Pentagon has the worst IT helpdesk in the US government. That has to be saying something.

Font Browser – Browse websites based on the font they use.

Burping Black Holes – As if we didn’t already have enough questions about black holes.

Comic Nostalgia – Comic books and strips that have entered the public domain.

Tenochtitlan – A 3D representation that looks really cool.

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