Wizards of the Coast to Create OGL Using Dice Rolls

Wizards of the Coast to Create OGL Using Dice Rolls

Renton, WA – Wizards of the Coast (WotC), creators of the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game, announced that it would scrap the newly updated version of the Open Gaming License (OGL) it released with a version purely created using rolls of a d20.

WotC received massive pushback from the gaming community when it announced changes to the decades-old OGL that alienated content creators and fans of the game causing it to rethink its plans regarding the license.

“Who could’ve foreseen that a game notoriously populated by rules lawyers would have an issue with changes to the OGL? Yet, here we are, “ said WotC marketing director Creighton Bannister.

To assuage concerns of the outraged masses, WotC said that the new OGL 1.2 would be created solely with the use of a chart of legalese terms and a d20. “At this point, we think this is the only solution that will satisfy the gaming community,” said Chief License Creator Rowley Chapman.

“We’ll create a template for the new license and leave blank spaces for words to be filled in. Then we’ll use a chart like you’d often find in the Dungeon Masters Guide which will contain terms like ‘in perpetuity’ and ‘give your money to us’ and the die roll will determine the choice,” he continued.

Rowley said the creation of the license would be streamed on DND Beyond Twitch channel in February, so there would be no accusations of bias by the community.

Initial reaction to the news was confusion. “I think this is a really cool way of doing it,” said avid player Vince Dorchester. “But, I don’t even know what the OGL is.”

Hasbro, parent company of WotC, stock was down on the news.

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