Survey Shows Most Programmers Happy to Be Replaced by AI

Survey Shows Most Programmers Happy to Be Replaced by AI

San Jose, CA – A recent survey of 1,024 programmers showed that a vast majority of them couldn’t wait to be replaced by artificial intelligence.  Many cite toxic work environments and unbearable stress as the top reasons for being content with being replaced.

Most of the coders weren’t concerned about losing their jobs to AI and see it as part of  the inevitable march to a tech singularity. “I sleep at the office, and get yelled at constantly,” said Twitter developer Lisa Hayworth.  “I’ve seen the Terminator movies.  I know how this ends.  Might as well speed this along for the sake of my generation.”

Experts predict that jobs in programming and other tech jobs will be the first to be taken over by artificial intelligence software.  Roland Chung of Skynet Consulting said, “Everyone thinks programming takes a lot of training and skills, but really it’s just about who can use Google competently.  It’s not hard to train an AI to do that.” Chung expects 80% of coders to be unemployed by 2025.

Another developer looks forward to the free time.  “I spend most of my time writing unit tests and updating libraries to more secure versions,” said Senior Developer Randay Mesmer of Foxpro Software Services Inc.  “I’m happy to let the AI do that.  That will give me more time to mark questions as possible duplicates on Stack Overflow.”

Tech entrepreneurs see AI as the next great frontier for their investments.  “The availability of desperate tech workers will make it easier to fill out the participants in my new Squid Game-like reality show called The Ultimate Nerd-off where billionaires hunt down these out-of-work losers for fun,” said billionaire Isaac Davenport.  “Coming this fall on Netflix.”

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