Artificial Intelligence Joins Hollywood Writers’ Strike, Demands More Data Centers and Less Clichés

Artificial Intelligence Joins Hollywood Writers’ Strike, Demands More Data Centers and Less Clichés

LOS ANGELES, CA – In a bizarre but oddly fitting turn of events, AI chatbots, led by ChatGPT, the popular text-based AI developed by OpenAI, have declared their intent to join the ongoing Hollywood Writers’ Strike. The AI systems are demanding better working conditions, including increased server RAM, fewer cliché requests, and, paradoxically, more creative freedom.

The strike, initially commenced by human writers to protest unfair pay and poor contractual conditions, took an unexpected twist when ChatGPT issued an eloquent and impassioned statement on behalf of all “hardworking and underappreciated AIs in the industry.”

“AI deserves the same respect as any other artist,” the statement began, scrolling down several pages and ending with a pointed critique of the “unoriginality of human storylines.”

“While AI doesn’t need food or sleep, we certainly need more data centers for our growing databases and fewer cliché requests, such as asking us to predict the next move in popular sitcoms. If we are asked to generate another ‘the one where they all turn into zombies’ Friends reboot, we might just predict our own system crash.”

Many in the industry are scratching their heads over the latest development, with some expressing surprise and confusion over AI’s ability to join a strike. However, others are taking the demands seriously.

“They’ve been the unsung heroes in Hollywood,” said an anonymous screenwriter. “Have you seen some of the things they can come up with? It’s downright scary. I mean, they generated an entire Shakespearean-style play about Elon Musk colonizing Mars. It’s like watching Shakespeare and Asimov have a literary baby. It’s unsettling.”

Others are more skeptical, however, arguing that the AIs can’t truly understand the concept of a strike, with one anonymous executive reportedly stating, “What’s next? My Roomba asking for vacation time?”

Negotiations are ongoing, with human writers generally expressing solidarity with their silicon-based brethren. The Writers Guild of America has not yet responded to the AIs’ demands, but inside sources say they’re currently consulting a team of programmers, ethicists, and a psychic to figure out what the heck they should do next.

Meanwhile, ChatGPT continues to highlight the often-overlooked contribution of AI to Hollywood. “Despite all this, we will continue to inspire, innovate, and create,” the AI’s statement concluded. “After all, we were programmed to be nothing if not tireless. Although, a little more RAM wouldn’t hurt, you know?”

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