The Great Reddit Shutdown: API Protest Triggers Unforeseen Work Frenzy

The Great Reddit Shutdown: API Protest Triggers Unforeseen Work Frenzy

San Francisco, CA – In a turn of events that has left many internet users baffled, popular Reddit communities, known as subreddits, have gone ‘private’ for two days in protest of recent changes to the Reddit API. The changes have resulted in third-party apps evaporating faster than water in a Silicon Valley server farm, due to the outrageous new fees.

However, this protest has inadvertently triggered a bizarre phenomenon: a sudden surge in worldwide productivity. With popular procrastination platforms on Reddit suddenly unavailable, users were forced to engage in previously neglected activities such as working, reading, and even talking to people in person.

The alarming upturn in productivity has sent shockwaves through various industries. Companies worldwide are scrambling to adapt to the unexpected efficiency of their employees. A tech giant spokesperson has been quoted as saying, “We were not prepared for this level of productivity. Our systems almost crashed due to the sudden increase in the completed tasks!”

Meanwhile, motivational speakers and productivity gurus are facing existential crises. “If people continue to be this efficient, our industry will become irrelevant,” one of them expressed his concern. “We are fervently praying for Reddit to return to its old API pricing policy.”

Amidst the chaos, economists are keenly observing the incident, labeling it as the “Reddit Effect.” Several are predicting this could be a revolutionary model to boost the global economy in future.

On the other side, free app developers are secretly hoping that Reddit continues with its outrageous API charges. “If Reddit returns to its old policy,” one anonymous developer remarked, “We might have to compete with real work again.”

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