Hitman Freelancer Mode Review

Hitman Freelancer Mode Review

Freelancer is a roguelike mode added into hitman to give it more replayability (I already have played it so much between windows store and steam sadly accounts don’t merge so all my steam achievements and times are lost.

Either way, Freelancer you take down four syndicate leaders of your choice, each having different side objectives, some reward ultra violence others demand stealth and precision

It’s a fun mode that I’ve been enjoying trying to figure out how to kill people that aren’t “targets.” They are basically NPCs in the world. Your target might be a waiter, who never leaves public areas, or could be a VIP who you can easily trap and kill.

This requires you to think about things differently and play the game unlike I’ve ever played it. I’ve done silent assassin in most of the story mode, not accepting getting busted. However, there is no save scumming in this mode, if you fuck up you must adapt. Many of my missions turned into murderfests because what seemed safe, wasn’t.

It’s forced me out of my usual play style and it’s fun, stealthily hiding in a corner waiting for an NPC to walk by just to cap him in the head and disappear as if nothing happened.

Each leader raises the difficulty and you only have the items you find or keep from other missions, fail a campaign, and tools are gone (guns seem to stay).

You always spawn in your suit but spawns and loot are randomized. My favorite story so far is getting a mission where I had to snipe all my targets and kill three guards with a sniper. As luck would have it, I spawned in a very tall guard tower and I cap 2/4 targets and all the guards I see. I ditch my rifle next to an extract to avoid being spotted knowing to grab it before I left. I then snuck around Italy and used my silent pistol to kill the other 2 targets, changed into a civilian outfit, and left like nothing happened. It’s fun

Oh as you level up you unlock things for your hideout, they do nothing but it adds a fun metagame to it

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