Introverts Rejoice: Study Shows Human Interaction Will Be a Thing of the Past by 2035

Introverts Rejoice: Study Shows Human Interaction Will Be a Thing of the Past by 2035

Princeton, NJ – In a new study by the American Introvert Society (AIS) researchers have announced that by the year 2035, human interaction as we know it will become a thing of the past. Thanks to the rise of AI assistants and virtual reality, people will thankfully no longer need to leave their homes or interact with others in person.

This news has been welcomed by introverts everywhere, who have long dreamed of a world where they can be left alone with their thoughts and not have to deal with the hassle of other people. Extroverts, on the other hand, are reportedly devastated by the prospect of not being able to “tell people about this amazing new restaurant down on 5th street.”

Researchers show that it’s not just a matter of personal preference – there are tangible benefits to a world without human interaction.  Valerie Pomeroy, an AIS researcher, said, “For one, the spread of communicable diseases will be greatly reduced. No more worrying about catching the flu from a co-worker or getting a cold from a friend.”

“And let’s not forget about the holidays,” Pomeroy continued.  “No more awkward conversations with politically extreme relatives, no more forced small talk with people you barely know. Instead, people can spend their holidays alone, with nothing but their AI assistants to keep them company.”

Artificial wombs, robot nannies, contactless delivery, and self-driving cars will finally usher forth a loner heaven where human contact will be a thing of the past. The study found no downsides to this future state.

Critics argue that some assumptions in the study seem unrealistic like one that stated that all extroverts would be shipped to Antarctica voluntarily to “weed out their type from the gene pool.”

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