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Tuesday  August 14  6:48 AM EDT

Code Red: Interviewed

By Brian Briggs

After a  busy couple of weeks Code Red finally had a chance to sit down and talk with BBspot.

Hello code red how are you doing today?
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u00c3%u 0003%u8b00%u531b%u53ff%u0078%u0000%u00=aHTTP/1.0

Hey, wait a minute. I was told you could speak English. What's going on here?
Haha, oh man I can't believe you fell for it.  You're more gullible than an IIS sysadmin. Seriously, I'm feeling pretty tired.  I've been travelling around the world quite a bit lately.

OK very funny. Were you really sent by the Chinese?
"Hacked by Chinese." Man, that was a nice touch wasn't it.  No, I'm a self-replicating worm.  Once the security exploit was published I spontaneously generated.  The Internet has gotten a lot more powerful than people think.

That's amazing. Why did you attack the White House web site?
Well, I wanted to attack a server that would be vulnerable, and what's more vulnerable than a server that's administered by the government?

Why didn't you try to propagate yourself through Microsoft Outlook like all the others?
Too easy.  While IIS isn't much more challenging to exploit, it does require a bit more technical knowledge.  Employers look down on viruses that use Microsoft Outlook these days.  It's like getting a degree from OSU.

What do you plan to do now that you are famous?
I'm gonna take a little time off and catch up on some reading.  Right now, I'm in the middle of The Hot Zone.  To pay the bills I've patented myself and am licensing my technology to other worms.  I've already had a couple of customers.  A couple of Hollywood studios have contacted me about film rights.

What words of advice can you offer to other worms and viruses out there that want to make it big?
Most importantly come up with a catchy, dangerous sounding name for yourself.  The media loves that.  Oh, and be sure to release a press release using phrases such as "bring down the Internet" and "apocalyptic".  Also, try not to do too much damage like deleting files or like nasty sircam sending random files around - shame, shame.  That'll get you attention, but people will hate you and ruin any post-infection work.

Would you have done anything differently if you could do it all over?
I would've copyrighted my name.  Code Red II and Code Red III are piggybacking on my celebrity to get attention for themselves.  Other than that I think I handled things pretty well.

Thank you very much for speaking with us today. Can I have your autograph?
Sure.  Check your server logs.

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