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Thursday  August 30  11:25 PM EDT

Trailer Review: Jeepers Creepers

By Brian Briggs


Starring Gina Phillips
Justin Long
Official Site Link
Rated R
Genre Horror
Dead Bodies 1?
Explosions 1
Weapons Axe
Voice Over Minimal
"In a world where..." No
Spoilage Factor 80%
Geek Factor 10%
See Trailer? Yes
See Movie? Iffy

You don't want to miss this confident and suspenseful trailer for Jeepers Creepers starring Gina Phillips (Trish) and Justin Long (Darryl).  Patricia Belcher reprises Scatman Crouthers role from The Shining as the elderly do-gooder who will probably be lunchmeat by the credits.

A lonely country road and a sheet covered body being dumped down a pipe is just too much for our curious teens to resist.  Taking a page from Scream the characters of Jeepers Creepers are aware of what happens in horror flicks.  While Darryl tries to get a closer look down the pipe Trish intones, "You know the part in scary movies where somebody does something really stupid and everybody hates them for it?  This is it."

By a show of hands who thinks he's gonna fall down the pipe?  He falls down the pipe.  Eventually this schtick will be replaced with referring to yourself in the movie.  "At the end of this movie I die, but that's in another half an hour."

Next we're treated to some explanation about the monster and our first glimpses of the beast.  He reminds me an awful lot of Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice, but with an appetite for flesh instead of witty banter.  Then we briefly get to meet the "cops who just won't listen."

Ending with a frenetic montage of battles between our lucky kids and the evil beast we are left with but a single question:   How will the monster die so there can still be a sequel?

In summary, I was in suspense from beginning to end.  I hope the movie has more surpises in store than what was already revealed. 

Conclusion on trailer:   Excellent. 

Conclusion on movie:  I think you may have already seen it.

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