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Wednesday  October 3  12:14 AM EDT

11 Questions with Wil Wheaton

By Brian Briggs

Wil has a posse! Real interviews with real people. Unlike the rest of BBspot there's nothing made up here. I know it's a difficult transition but I'm not fooling. We did email these questions and these were the responses.

In the first of what will be a continuing series, Wil Wheaton of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Stand By Me and Python fame subjects himself to 11 questions from BBspot. Enjoy!


BBspot (1): All the geeks want to know, what kind of computer system you have and what games do you play on it? Processor? OS? Details please.

Wil's Computer
The Wil Machine

Wil: Oh boy. Well, all the geeks are going to rejoice when they hear that the box they use for target practice is probably superior to mine. My computer was built from zero by me and my friend. It's a Pentium 2, 128 megs of ram, uh...I have some kind of swell video card that does all those 3DFX things, and a crappy soundblaster sound card. My brother and I just crammed a bunch of big hard drives into the case, and put in a new CD-ROM drive, so we're completely out of space inside. Tell you what, if I ever find Gordon Moore, I'm gonna kick him in the neck.

Put it this way: when it was built, it was hot, like Jolene Blalock. Now, it's more like Teri Hatcher: hot in it's day, but now it's just sad.

The games I play these days are Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, Unreal Tournament, and MAME.

Oh, and I'm running Windows 2000, because I'm too lame for Linux. But some day...oh, some day I will learn Linux, and then, from Hell's dark heart I will stab at thee!

BBspot (2): Did you learn anything important about being an actor when doing Stand By Me, or did it just help you meet chicks?

Wil: Meeting chicks? Dude. I was 13. If you'd have put a naked girl and a 720 degrees set to free play in front of me, I would have said, "Skate or Die!" as I pushed her aside.

Come to think of it, things haven't changed too much...

The JuiceBBspot (3): Were you nervous working with OJ on the set of Hambone and Hillie?

Wil: There are very few times in my life that I am grateful to not be a blonde woman. Being around OJ was one of those times. Poor, poor OJ. He's only been able to convince 12 people in the whole world that he's not a murderer. Personally, I think Gary Condit is The Real Killer.


BBspot (4): Who would you like to see yourself pitted against in MTV's Celebrity Death Match and why?

Wil: Britney Spears. But we'd fight it out Pam Grier-Cleopatra-Jones-Style: in the first minute, I'd rip off her shirt, we'd scream "Bitch" at each other, and then we'd do it to sweet-ass 70's porn music. Hit me baby, one more time!

Mommy, mommy!BBspot (5): Did you feel like your character suffered from an Oedipus complex in Star Trek:The Next Generation? I mean, your mom was really hot, and your dad died under cloudy circumstances.

Wil: When Wesley's dad died, Wesley was so traumatized, he had to spend many, many nights sleeping in Dr. Crusher's quarters...and the therapeutic sponge baths really helped with the grieving process. Oh, and the oral sex.


Check out Part II of the interview where Wil addresses Star Trek fans who can't separate Wesley from Wil.

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