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Wednesday  October 3  12:14 AM EDT

11 Questions with Wil Wheaton

By Brian Briggs

Part I - Part II

WesBBspot (6): Do you have a tactful way of telling Star Trek:The Next Generation fans who can't separate Wesley from Wil to get a life? I mean, it WAS just a TV show...

Wil: Yeah, it goes something like this: "Dude? What's your fucking problem?"
Notice I didn't say "loser".

BBspot (7): You said you left Hollywood for five years because you "needed to get away from the evils of Hollywood for a while." Now that you have returned how are you dealing with the evils?

Wil: Sometimes you have to take some time away from the Evils to really appreciate how much those Evils mean to you. We had a trial separation, and during that time I realized that I was just suspicious of the Evils because of some intimacy issues I had, due to experiences as a child. The Evils came to see that we can't change each other, and we need to respect our differences, and celebrate them. We still have a stormy relationship, but the Evils and I watch Dr. Phil every week. Although I am beginning to suspect that The Evils and Dr. Phil speak to each other in some Evil-speak that only they and Oprah can understand.

BBspot (8): When the Titanic sunk and that Leo guy froze to death, did you secretly rejoice, or did you throw a Dead Leo party?

Wil: The captain of the Titanic was a Leo? I heard he was a Capricorn. Let that be a lesson to you about believing everything you read.

BBspot (9): How did you avoid becoming an E! True Hollywood Story like Corey Feldman or River Phoenix?

Wil: I think it has something to do with the lack of drugs in my life. Funny, being so un-cool as a teenager kept me away from all that stuff. That's right kids, if you want to be cool, use lots of drugs. Oh, and then OD and die in front of the Viper Room. That's the COOLEST!

BBspot (10): How does it feel to have a site like this on the net? Does it make you more popular with the girls, or old men? Oh and can you hook me up with some better shots those are a little grainy, maybe put them in your online store?

Wil: That site makes me feel like a camwhore without the wishlist.

World domination?BBspot (11): Tell us why you're doing and about future plans for you and the site?

Wil: It's all part of my Bavarian Illuminatti-driven plot to rule the world. Now that you've read that, we're coming for you with our Orbital Mind Control Lasers.

Thanks to Wil for taking the time to answer our questions.

Wil currently writes, performs and teaches at the ACME Comedy theatre. He has recently been in Jane White is Sick and Twisted and The Good Things. You can check out his other current projects at his ever expanding web site. The "Wil has a posse!" drawing was created by Ben Claasen.

Part I - Part II

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