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Tuesday  August 15  7:08 PM EDT

FBI Unable to Crack Hacker Code

By Brian Briggs

Washington D.C. - The computer hackers known as the l33t h4x0rs have escaped capture from the FBI by using what may be the most sophisticated encryption technology yet developed.  FBI investigators have brought in the NSA and their group of cryptography experts to try to uncover the secrets of the l33t h4x0rs.

The l33t h4x0rs are wanted in connection with the dukes_l33t.jpg (41333 bytes)defacement of a fan site for the 80's rock band Nelson and a Dukes of Hazzard tribute site.  "The sites were hacked beyond recognition.  It appears they have set up the Dukes of Hazzard site as some type of home base," said FBI agent Dwayne Johnson, "Until their code is cracked, these menaces will remain on the street and no site will be safe from their hacking skills."

NSA codebreaker John McClane said, "We've never seen a code quite this intricate.   The mixture of numbers, letters and symbols make this very difficult to crack.   These guys are using some complex algorithms, possibly developed by the Israelis or Russians."

Here is a small sample of what they are trying to decode:

w3 ar3 l33t h4x0rs.  J00 FB1 guy5 w1ll n3v3r c4+ch u5.  J00 ar3 n0+ k3w1 3n0ugh.  0ur h4x0r1ng w1ll d35troy j00.  pH34r u5.

"We've gotten really close to nabbing these guys several times," said Agent Johnson, "but each time they've eluded our grasp, either by using  their secret code to cover their tracks, or  by posting notices on their sites such as 'If you are a member of a government agency you must leave now.'  These guys are clever."

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