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Tuesday, March 27 12:01 AM EST

Survivor's Michael Skupin
Accident Details Revealed

By Brian Briggs

WHITE LAKE, MI - (The Daily Bull) Insiders from CBS have revealed the real reason behind the accident that caused Michael Skupin, 38, to be airlifted off the set of Survivor II: The Australian Outback. After eighteen days of starving on a diet of rice, chicken and fish, it appears that Skupin attempted to eat the fire.

Michael Skupin: Fire-eater

"All of North America has come to know Mike for his voracious appetite and bloodlust," said the insider, speaking on the condition of anonymity. "The first thing that he did when he got to Australia was brag about how many crocodiles he was going to kill by breaking their necks with his bare hands. I think it must have been some kind of karma thing that caused those hands to be burned."

Several episodes of Survivor have depicted Skupin sharpening sticks or tying the tribe's only knife to the end of a staff in attempts to fashion crude spears. Others show him remaining motionless in a canoe, waiting for the right size crocodile to swim by.

"He was always trying to get the attention of the cameramen by saying stuff like 'Check this out! A snare!' or 'Quick! I've got nothing by my warpaint on!' It really started to wear on them after a while. If they wanted to look at a bare, painted ass, then they could look at their own, you know? That was their excuse for not filming any of it," added another CBS executive.

Skupin, wearing warpaint, contemplates eating the whole fish.

Skupin is also noted for his ability to eat anything, relishing the Immunity Challenge in Episode 2 where the participants were forced to eat "bush tucker," including mangrove worms, crickets and cow brains. One cameraman noted that Skupin hung around after the challenge was finished to see if there were any extras.

All indications point to the fact that Skupin started to regress into a feral state-of-mind while in the Outback. "He would sit up at night and just stare off into the distance, like he was trying to communicate with with Nature," stated Kimmi Kappenberg, 28, at a recent press conference. "Then he would just look at me with this wild look in his eyes and say something weird like 'urine is sterile... you can drink it' and then just start staring again. I've seen Apocalypse Now and it wasn't nearly as fucked up as he was out there."

Skupin's killing of a wild pig sparked controversy around the world when it was rumored that he screamed, "Die piggy! Die!" as he delivered the killing blows that put pork on Tribe Kucha's proverbial plate. Animal rights activists picketed outside CBS headquarters until executives assured the public that Skupin had instead screamed, "Hi, piggy! Hi!" and that any differences between what was actually said and what was on the show were the result of poor sound editing.

At the time, CBS executives denied that Skupin freaked everyone out by eating strips of raw pig flesh, but inside sources have revealed that he "really, really did eat that yucky stuff."

The recent special episode of Survivor outtakes has shed more light on "his [Skupin's] craving for blood." Skupin is shown meticulously dissecting a fish with robotic efficiency and identifying the various organs as if reading from a biology textbook.

"The only thing that I don't eat is the head," says Skupin during one of the shots, "but wait until they start selling the too-hot- for-television DVD! I make fishhead soup. Mmm-mm, roly-poly fishheads." Skupin is then shown eating the eggs, stomach, heart, liver and pancreas of a fish while exclaiming that he ate raw fish eyeballs on the previous night.

"I just can't get enough of this Inuit food!" he was later reported to have said.

"Now that's some whacked up shit, bro," Nick Brown, 23, told producers. "I mean, eyeballs have, like, ZERO nutritional value; unless, of course, your plan is to freak everyone out so that you can eat all of their rations, too. Damn, I'd do that if I wasn't so lazy!"

Skupin (right) attempts to eat Alicia Calaway's (left) hand as she tries to aid him.

The reasons behind Skupin's motivation to attempt to eat fire are sketchy at best. "It is my opinion that Mike [Skupin] thought that since he had already killed a baby pig, sat in a canoe waiting for crocodiles and eaten fish eyeballs, the next logical step was for him to conquer fire by eating it," said Dr. Sandra Quentin, a top researcher into the human psyche at Hanksford Memorial Institute. "Or, he was really hungry and chicken just wasn't cutting it anymore."

Others say that Skupin was careless around fire from the beginning. "Look at how he rushes to grab the popcorn out of the Fire and singes his toes. He has no concept of how Fire works and how It must be respected. Fire is the Sun incarnate and must be treated with reverence, not eaten," replied Clanmaster Pilos of the Hyperion Gate cult when asked his opinion on Skupin's actions.

"After burning his hands, he still didn't snap out of it. We may not have caught him on film while trying to eat fire, but we sure caught him trying to eat Alicia's hand. He was really, really hungry," added the CBS insider.

Critics of the show were quick to point out that Skupin's family was not informed of the accident until after his return to the U.S., but relatives of Skupin attribute it to his embarrassment at his vulnerability to fire and his wish to remain a god-like figure in the eyes of his children.

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