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Thursday, May 23 12:00 AM EST

Trailer Review: Minority Report

By Brian Briggs



Tom Cruise
Colin Farrell

Director Steven Spielberg
Official Site Link
Rated All Audiences (Futuristic action sequences)
Genre Sci-Fi / Thriller
Dead Bodies 0
Explosions 5
Weapons Knife, "hat", handgun, beat down sticks, robotic daddy-longlegs, some sort of futuristic plasma gun, ladder, robots, jetpack.
Voice Over Yes
"In a world where..." No
Spoilage Factor 20%
Geek Factor 80%
See Trailer? Yes
See Movie? Yes

This is the third and final installment in the Minority Report trilogy. The whole Minority Report series is based on an short story by Philip K. Dick. Three trailers from one short story pays tribute to the genius of Dick.

The trailer opens with a woman's face slowly descending into water with an eerie voice that says "Mur-der". We later learn this woman is part of the seers who produce images from the future. People from the future who can see into the future, you're blowing my mind!

Tom Cruise plays Detective John Anderton part of the Precrime Unit who arrest killers before the deed is done. Colin Farrell plays a suit who looks for flaws in the "perfect" system and openly questions the morality of arresting people for crimes they have not committed yet.

It's a future where Republicans have controlled Congress and the White House for 30 years. How else could you explain a future where SWAT teams can invade your home and arrest you for "future murders" with nary a warrant. Prisons appear to be replaced by "hats". What these "hats" do is left to the imagination, but they sound like a switchblade when they're opened.

In the most memorable line from the trailer Anderton proclaims, "The fact that you prevented it from happening doesn't change the fact that it was going to happen." The fact that a mental giant like Cruise utters such a profound statement does stretch plausibility, but doesn't diminish its profundity.

There is a slight goof in continuity. Cruise asks "Who set me up?" and is face is all bruised. He doesn't get an answer so he spins his gun on the table and says "How about now?" but now is face looks fine. This hardly noticeable gaffe doesn't spoil the excellent production of this fine trailer.

The most frightening aspect of the trailer comes at the very end with the inclusion of Jan "Speed 2" DeBont in the credits. Truly scary.

Conclusion on Trailer: Great sci-fi premise, effects and excellent acting by Cruise and Farrell make this a trailer worth downloading. Eight spots.

Conclusion on Movie: Spielberg and Cruise have both had hits and misses, but as long as this one doesn't bog down into an ethics lecture it should be worth the price of admission.

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