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Friday, July 12 12:00 AM EST

Trailer Review: Reign of Fire

By Brian Briggs



Matthew McConaughey
Christian Bale

Director Rob Bowman
Official Site Link
Rated All Audiences
Genre Fantasy / Thriller
Dead Bodies 0
Explosions 9
Weapons Rifle, more guns, fire breathing, helicopters, battle axe, tanks, armed personnel carriers, pistol, truck mounted harpoon, teeth.
Voice Over Yes
"In a world where..." "A creature has been awakened..."
Spoilage Factor 35%
Geek Factor 80%
See Trailer? Yes
See Movie? Yes

Dragons aren't figments of our imagination,. they've just been hibernating for a really long time. Millions of years in fact. Leave it to the UK to wake them up and bring on an apocalypse. Surprisingly it's a Harry Potter wannabe who brings on the end of civilization and not soccer fans crying over another early World Cup exit.

The dragons are highly evolved, very deadly and apparently needed to hit the snooze button for another million years. Nice to see an apocalypse of the non-nuclear holocaust kind. Matthew McConaughey is the brash American who wants to kill all the dragons. Christian Bale is the wimpy Brit who just wants to survive.

McConaughey has assembled an arsenal of tanks, helicopters and advanced radar to take on the beasts. He's also brought along a trusty battle axe.

Of course, what trailer with a fire breathing dragon would be complete without the clichéd "outrunning the explosion" shot. McConaughey does the honors for us this time.

Despite the clichéd shot and the action trailer formula this preview has a good blend of post-apocalyptic images with a medieval flavor. There's bazookas and battle axes, helicopters and horses, and torches that don't need batteries. I like the mix of old and new.

Several scenes reminded me of the trailer for Aliens. The egg, the screaming monster, people running scared. Unlike Aliens we do get to see glimpse of clouds and sky, but there is still a dark tone to this trailer. There are no witty one liners. No assurances that our protagonist will be victorious. Just action and some bad ass beasts - very Aliensy indeed.

Conclusion on Trailer: Well done. The voice over is appropriate in quality and quantity. While it follows the standard action trailer formula of background then action montage it's very well done. The post-apocalyptic medievalness won me over. Eight spots.

Conclusion on Movie: With action movies it's hard to predict. This one has a very good concept and the trailer is very promising. Either way I guarantee one thing. Though our heroes may think they have killed every egg and dragon, the closing shot will be of the one(s) they've missed.

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