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Wednesday, October 17 12:00 PM EDT

Signs You're Becoming a Geek
By Thom Kokenge & Victor De Long

11. Monitor tan.
10. Before heading to the bathroom you inform your friends you're off to
download and log out.
9. You become physically ill at the mention of the RIAA, and visibly excited at the mention of object-oriented programming.
8. You have a poster on your wall of the Linux penguin.
7. You're mad because all your friends got goodnight kisses after prom, but your sister just slugged you in the arm and said "Thanks, bro."
6. You think having twice as many computers as there are people in the house is a bare minimum.
5. You feel that living life like the movie "tron" wouldn't be so bad.
4. In your little black book, you list (both) the girls you know in order by IP address.
3. You can type faster than you can speak
2. When your shrink says "Mother . . . " you say " . . . Board."
1. If, by some happy accident, you someday have kids, you want to name them after your favorite fonts.

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This one goes to 11.

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