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Tuesday, November 19 12:01 AM EST

Handspring Logo Finally Understood

By US Press Staff

Columbus, OH - Systems Analyst II, Mike Devers had an enlightening yet embarrassing epiphany yesterday when he finally noticed that the logo on his Handspring Visor was representative of a upside down person doing a handspring.

Handspring?"He came out of the toilet all smiles, which is usually a signal that we are going to get a complete inventory of what he had for dinner last night," explained Systems Analyst I, John Atkins. "But instead he says, 'Hey guys, did you ever notice this is a person doing a handspring?' like he was in there studying it or something."

"I wasn't studying it, I had never really looked at it before. A couple of lines and a dot, that's all I ever saw. Besides, it really looks more like a cartwheel or possibly a walkover," said Devers in self-defense. "I shouldn't have said anything. This might be worse than last time," Devers said, referring to the time in 1999 when he admitted not understanding the M&M candy advertising campaign stating the candy was the "official candy of the new millennium".

"I don't know why I didn't get it but come on, who the hell thinks in Roman numerals, just movie geeks as far as I know, so they figure out the copyright date at the end of a flick." Devers says he didn't think he was ever going to hear the end of that one. "The guys started recording IP addresses in Roman numerals in the call tracking software. Very funny."

"If it had been a binary joke, I'd have gotten it," added Devers, trying to make himself feel better.

Handspring executives had no comment on the issue.

This story originally appeared in US Press

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