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Wednesday, November 13 12:01 AM EST

Nolan Curtis' Quotes from Idiots

By Nolan Curtis

Tech support lends itself to some of the greatest conversations of all times, and from them come some memorable quotes. Some quotes are just unusual, but others are so utterly senseless that I've found myself at at a loss for words. Most of the calls are in regards to passwords. These calls are usually shorter and offer the best environment for quality stupidity.

I just got a 404 error in my browser and I need to go back.
NC: Okay, that's fine. Just hit the 'back' button.
Idiot: There's a back button?

NC: Your new one-time password is 'summer1'
Idiot: That's it? Summer1? But... I'm an EXECUTIVE!
NC: ?

NC: Try it again using the password: 'summer1'
Idiot: number one?
NC: No, summer like the season, and the number one.
Idiot: Number, like the season?
NC: *Sigh* yes... number. Like the season.

NC: Try it again using the password: 'summer1'
Idiot: Do you mean summer ZERO one?
NC: No, just summer and the number one.
Idiot: I know, but is there a ZERO before the one?

Idiot: I need a website unblocked:
NC: I'm sorry, but I can't unblock sites unless they're work-related.
Idiot: Um. This one *IS* work-related.

NC: To get to that drive, type backslash, backslash, server, backslash public.
Idiot: What's a 'backsplash'?

Irate Idiot: I need you to fix my cash register.
NC: Cash register? We don't support any cash registers.
Irate Idiot: Well I need help, and you're gonna help me. This is the number I have for help!
NC: What option did you press?
Irate Idiot: I don't know. I just pressed until I got a real person!
NC: Oh, okay. Let me transfer you to someone who can help. *sent back to menu*

NC: Your new one-time password is 'summer1'.
Idiot: Is the 1 in upper case?

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