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Friday, June 13 12:00 AM EST

Trailer Review: Terminator 3

By Brian Briggs


Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
Claire Danes
Director Jonathan Mostow
Official Site Link
US Opening July 2, 2003
Rated R
Genre Sci-Fi sequel
Trailer Clichés Quick-cut title-splash, "In a world", outrunning the fireball
Explosions 13
Weapons Futuristic terminators with guns, machine guns, nuclear missile, T-X, Arnold, helicopter, pump-action shotgun, wrapping legs of constriction, the machines, robotic gunship, wide load
Voiceover Yes
"In a world where..."

"Imagine a world of permanent darkness..."

Spoilage Factor 40% (Conflicted Arnold)
Geek Factor 80% (Machines taking over the world)
See Trailer? Yes
See Movie? Yes

The two previous trailers for Terminator 3 were disappointing. They made the movie look like Terminator 2, but with a beautiful woman as the villain and John Connor a few years older. After the first two films geeks were expecting a bit more. This trailer hints that T3 may have a hope of delivering.

The opening few moments had me flashing back to the Spider-man trailer with Tobey Maguire doing the voiceover. This time, however, it's John Connor describing some pretty depressing news to Claire Danes.

"The life you know, the stuff you take for granted, it's not going to last," says Connor. At first you think he's talking about Danes' career, but we learn that he's talking about "the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine."

This time, instead of futuristic visions of the end of the world, we're actually going to witness it. The machines are taking over.

Once again, Arnold is sent back as John's protector. You would think they'd get tired of sending this guy back, but probably not for one more movie. There's a twist revealed in the trailer. The uber-cyborg T-X is too advanced for Arnold and corrupted his internal system. Now, the savior of John Connor could be his killer.

As a bit of an interlude here I'm wondering if they could actually have a Terminator movie without Arnold. He's been the franchise all along, but what says that someone else can't play the cyborg protector in Terminator 4 or 5? Maybe a Vin Diesel or Colin Farrell and the Eyebrow of Power.
Clair Danes witnesses
Arnold's naked entrance

Anyway, Clair Danes spends a lot of time looking scared, and I can only hope they're trying to lower expectations of her acting skills in this trailer. Otherwise, we'll be wishing thoughout the whole movie that she had been consumed by the nuclear blast.

The T-X looks "very advanced" in her red leather (if it's not actually leather I'm sure a reader will inform me). I'm not sure how they're going to kill the T-X, whether it be freezing, burning in lava, or maybe a nuclear explosion. Then again, maybe they don't kill her. The trailer does end on an ominous note, with the conflicted Arnold proclaiming that his desire to save John Connor is irrelevant because he is a machine. Maybe, John Connor actually dies in this one and the next movie is just The Matrix Preloaded.

The T-X shows why she's the popular
cyborg at all the Sigma Chi parties.

I do hope the movie ends on an ominous note much like Empire Strikes Back. With time travel anything can be fixed, so Connor can actually die and be resurrected somehow. We can only hope that it's all not just a dream.

Conclusion on Trailer: Definitely worth watch. If you were disappointed by the first two trailers, then make a point to see this one, so you can get geeked about T3.

Conclusion on Movie: It should be a fun movie to watch. The absence of Director James Cameron causes some concern, but they can't screw it up that much, can they? Forget I said that.

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