Thursday, February 26 12:00 AM EST

Most Effective Spam Subjects for Geeks

11. Enlarge Your C-R-A-N-U-I-M by three inches!
10. for (ipx=*p, _ip_=*q; *_ip_ && !*ipx; _ip_[ipx++])
9. S.h.o.r.t.e.n y0ur PING
8. e7-e5, your turn
7. Deleted S.E.X. scenes from LOTR!!!11
6. Stay AWA|<E and C0DE for three days straight
5. your stock options have vested
4. Important Info: Enterprise vs. Millenium Falcon battle finally resolved
3. Get a 6 digit I.C.Q. # FREE
2. Sexy Tammi has a new Alpha nvidia driver for you
1. The secret Linux companies don't want you to know about - download it for FREE!

Special Thanks to Reinhard Gantar

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This one goes to 11.

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