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Thursday, April 1 12:00 AM EST

Middle Earth Revisited

By Brian Briggs

When I “quit my day job” to focus on BBspot full time, my hope was to spend some time on creative writing genres other than satire. Thus far I really haven’t had time to do it, but my trip to Iran has reenergized me to set out in this direction.

I am not quite ready to write the great American novel, so I figured I would start out with some ready-made characters. The Lord of the Rings is my favorite story, so I decided to write some stories based on those characters. This week starts what will be a weekly series. Enjoy!

Darkness in a New Era

Gimli had never felt that way before about another man, let alone an elf. Would the rest of the Dwarves understand, or would he be exiled for his forbidden love? Those thoughts would have to wait for another time.

The rebels in Near Harad were proving more difficult to bring under the dominion of Gondor than first expected, but Aragorn didn’t put the wise-cracking son of Gloin in charge of suppressing the rebellion for nothing. Twelve public executions by his own axe had slowed the rebel attacks, but there were still renegades who needed more convincing. Gimli had an idea that was so crazy it just might work.

Meanwhile, Mayor Samwise Gamgee had completed his rebuilding after the scouring of The Shire, but all was not well in Hobbiton. Many residents were complaining about what they thought was run-off from Jimbo Brasspants cow farm polluting the Brandywine River, but Samwise knew it was something more sinister.

The construction had drained the coffers of the government and the economic programs from Aragorn had yet to increase revenue. Samwise was forced to make some hard choices. Choices that would get him elected mayor again, but may not be in the long term interest of all Hobbits.

In the Western Lands beyond the Sea, Elrond and Gandalf plotted.

“Our population is almost replenished, our weapons reforged, and our plan is working perfectly,” said Elrond. “The dwarves, hobbits, and men will never be expecting our return, or our attack. When the third pale moon arises Arwen will complete her destiny by slaying Aragorn in the night and our fleet of ships will arrive to take advantage of the ensuing chaos.”

“Yes. It is a pity that Frodo tried to warn them,” chortled Gandalf. “I rather liked him at one point. I am a bit worried about Legolas. He doesn’t seem himself lately. Are you sure he supports our plans?”

“We have tried many great Elvish medicine to cure his ‘problem,’ but he still is not cured. I don’t think that will affect his loyalty to the superior Elvish race though.”

“Good,” said Gandalf, “Very good indeed.”

Meanwhile back in Gondor, Aragorn had other worries besides the revolt in Near Harad. A small nick that he acquired while shaving had not healed, in fact, it had become infected and become a sore overflowing with pus. He was so embarrassed by the injury that he never ventured from his inner chamber. Arwen, herself, could not bear to look at him. The subjects of the kingdom grew worried about his public absence. Rumors began to spread that he might have become agoraphobic, some even began to question whether he was really that great of a king anyway. Something was rotten in the state of Gondor.

Thus begins my novel. I hope you enjoyed it, and look forward to bringing you another chapter next week. If all goes well, I might publish it more than once a week. Please send your feedback to

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