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Friday, June 18 12:00 AM ET

Trailer Review: Spider-Man 2

By Brian Briggs


Trailer Quicktime

Tobey Maguire
Kirsten Dunst

Director Sam Raimi
Official Site Link
US Opening

June 30, 2004

Rated PG-13
Genre Comic Book Adaptation
Trailer Clichés "This Summer", Quick-cut title splash
Explosions 2
Weapons Uzis, mechanized quadrapus arms, bank vault door, brick wall, flying debris, taxi doors, flying car, short sword
Voiceover Yes
"In a world where..."

"A man will face his destiny..."

Spoilage Factor 45%
Geek Factor 85% (Comic Book Adaptation, CGI)
See Trailer? Yes
See Movie? Yes
This is what you call a sequel. It is not The Chronicles of Peter Parker or Oscorp: Merchant of Death, but Spider-Man 2.

This trailer follows up the impressive trailer to the original, which still gives me goose bumps. This one does an admirable job continuing the story.

It features many of the same scenes as the original, including Kirstin Dunst in a wet shirt for the guys and Tobey Maguire shirtless for the women.

Being a superhero can put in a crimp in your real life. We see that Peter Parker is always late. He gets fired from his job. A professor notes that he always looks exhausted. Most importantly, his woman declares that she's tired of waiting around for him and she's going to get married.

This prompts Peter to toss the costume in the garbage, and dedicate his life to getting lucky with Mary Jane. Fortunately, for the producers of the movie, Peter is forced back into duty when Dr. Octopus appears.

I hope the effects are better than this

The villains for both of the Spider-Man movies are the CEOs of Oscorp. This company needs a better human resources department. I mean, your CEOs keep turning into psycho-supervillains. Ever hear of background checks? That cannot be good for the stock price.

This episode is part action movie, part soap opera. Peter loves Mary Jane, but cannot because of his Spider-Man duties. Peter, as Spider-Man, kills his best friend's father. His best friend wants to avenge his father's death by killing Spider-Man (and therefore Peter). Mary Jane wants to sleep with both of them. Maybe it should have been called Spider-Man 90210.

Dr. Octopus looks convincing. The octopus arms attaching to his spine looks convincing. He makes a much better villain than the Green Goblin.

At one point Harry Osborn says, "You killed my father" I completed the line by thinking "Prepare to die." Be sure to keep an eye on Spider-Man's fingers.

Hot or Not?

The choral music at the end is cliché, but does add a foreboding sense to the action. The trailer concludes with Harry Osborn drawing a sword to kill the chained Spider-Man. He yanks on his mask, and we get the title splash before we see his face. Will it be Peter Parker? Will Harry kill him if it is?

Conclusion on Trailer: The music, the conflict, the effects all make this a great trailer. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go see the sequel, but after this trailer I do, so it has done its job.

Conclusion on Movie: I don't think any other movie can claim to have a better shot at being a blockbuster this summer than Spider-Man 2.

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