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Monday, November 8 12:00 AM ET

BBspot Labs Examines
TCO of Windows and Linux

By Brandon Dawson

Redmond, WA - Microsoft launched another salvo in its continuing campaign to prove the total cost of ownership (TCO) of Linux is higher than that of comparable Windows products.

According to Forrester Research's Mike Gilpin, "There is some controversy about TCO, and our data show that customers cannot assume that Linux is the cheaper option. A lot depends on the Windows system in use, and how it is managed."

In head-to-head tests conducted by BBspot Labs, the high reliability of a Windows 3.1 install running the widely available Solitaire Benchmark Suite showed a significantly higher level of dependability in Enterprise applications. Coupled with a dramatically lower cost-of-ownership when compared with a standard LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP) platform in mission critical functions such as minesweeping, notepadding, and time monitoring.

According to Ballmer, it is clear when looking at the facts, that productivity soars when using a Windows equipped PC, as opposed to Linux. "Just look at those cards! Can you do a 52-card pickup that fast? I think not. And with Microsoft, your future's assured. Our team of IT Professionals is constantly looking for the latest innovations in computer technology, and when suitable, we buy them."

Ballmer continued, "Microsoft's on the cutting edge when it comes to guaranteeing intellectual property indemnification. We're fully indemnified, and if you don't believe us, just install Windows XP. The license agreement is right there! We're covered!"

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Finally, Ballmer asserted that, "Microsoft never gets anything right until version 3. We're well past version 2000, in fact, we had to start using letters. We're that advanced. In fact, I've got a PowerPoint presentation right here that clearly shows that Microsoft is your vendor of choice when it comes to crucial business applications. Free software? I'd buy that for a dollar!"

BBspot Labs reached Linus Torvalds for his response to Ballmer's commentary. He replied, "Where do I start? Let's see.....No."

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