Wednesday, November 17 12:00 PM ET

Firefox Extensions

11. GetOffYourLazyButtAndWalkToTheFrontDoorForPetesSake 0.01 - Snail mail notifier
10. Tab-A-Licious 0.3 - Move tabs anywhere. You heard me. Anywhere.
9. MajorityNow - Surfs while your computer is idle to increase the browser usage stats for Firefox.
8. FoxySomething 0.8 - CD-tray ejector
7. ClassiqView 1.1 - Also known as "I can't believe it's not IE." Breaks W3C compliance.
6. ExtendItNow! 2.1 - Pings every 15 seconds so you'll know when it's back up. Never have outdated extensions again!
5. BirdWatch 0.3 - Interprets gestures using webcam and adds the appropriate emoticons in IM client or email.
4. PopUpEncourager - For those popup lovers, for every popup window on a webpage, FireFox will display 2.
3. MgroeningFortune 6.6 - Pops up random Simpons quote related to the current website. Flanderiser impro-diddli-oved.
2. DDDownload 0.65 - Automatically sorts all downloaded pictures based on hair color and cup size.
1. SpamHelper 0.98 - Automatically gets all email addresses from pages you visit and adds them to your list of "customers."


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This one goes to 11.

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