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Tuesday, February 1 12:00 AM ET

Which Website Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which website most closely matches your personality. You need to answer all the questions to get an accurate result.

Most destructive?
Shark with laser beams coming out of his eyes
Giant robot with black belt in karate
Corporate America
High school students with a case of beer and SUVs
Caffeinated beavers

Greater than
Get all
Take analgesic

If I could be a Lord of the Rings character, I'd be:
Frodo. All ring, all the time.
Legolas. Mmm, arrows.
Sauron. It's all in the evil eye.
Gandalf. I dig white robes.
Harry Potter was in Lord of the Rings, right?

The cereal is already in the bowl, and you discover there is no milk. You:
eat it without milk.
use orange juice instead.
put the cereal back in the box, and eat something else.
have a hissy fit, and call in sick.
are on a low-carb diet and can't eat cereal.

All your base are belong to us:
What you say?
You have no chance to survive.
Make your time.
Take off every 'zig'.
That was over 3 years ago. Get over it, already!

Which of these movies do you like best?
Jerry Maguire
The Empire Strikes Back
American Pie
Farenheit 9/11

If your house was on fire. Which would you save?
My computer
My children
My baseball card collection
My copy of "Cool as Ice" autographed by Vanilla Ice himself
Burn, baby, burn

How many hours do you spend on the Internet each week?
What's 7 times 24?
I check my email a couple times a week.
More than most people
My mom says I should get out more.

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