Wednesday, April 13 12:00 PM ET

Characters Not Appearing in Revenge of the Sith

11. 3CPU - 3PO's multiprocessor brother
10. Chewbacco - The chaw spittin' Wookiee
9. Darth Humongous - The well-endowed Sith
8. Zippy Poofknocker - Friend to all mankind
7. Weedo - The galaxy's second favorite pothead (behind Shaggy)
6. Tango Fett - The dirty dancing bounty hunter
5. Senator Palpitations - The heart-attack-prone senator
4. Mannequin Skywalker - Anakin's acting double
3. Sith anal probe droid - No explanations necessary
2. Obi-Wan Cannoli - Ben's italian cousin
1. Han Acompañado - Han Solo's courteous, friendly, evil twin

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