Tuesday, October 11 12:00 AM EDT

Changes in George Lucas's Lord of the Rings: Special Edition

11. Hobbit's resistance to the ring is caused by the high number of Midichlorians they posess.
10. One hyphenated word: Jar-Jaromir!
9. Gandalf to set off fifteen minute fireworks display every time the party stops to rest.
8. "Help me Tom Bombadil, you are my only hope."
7. All Orcs actually clones of Wormtongue.
6. Extra hobbits added digitally. Like, loads of hobbits. Especially in Mordor. Kids love hobbits, right?
5. Witch King hilariously eaten by Oliphant.
4. "It's about this one guy, Gollum, and how he is redeemed through hard work."
3. Elves have these really cool houses in the trees.
2. At The Prancing Pony, Bill Ferny shoots Aragorn first.
1. All poetry of original restored, complete with musical backing and endless CG dancers.

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This one goes to 11.

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