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Thursday, January 12 12:00 AM ET

Ebay Implements One-click Bidding

By Francisco Rangel

San Jose , CA - After paying a pricey patent license to Amazon, eBay has implemented the long-awaited one-click bidding system. Users will no longer need to continuously check the website to see if they are winning the auction or not. The days of being overbid are gone.

One-Click bidding will ensure that the user is the winner of the auction by selecting bids so ridiculously high nobody in their right mind would try to beat them. It will also pay immediately once the auction is over if the user has a PayPal account, and will leave positive feedback for the seller.

Users like Harold Sweiss have been ecstatic about the new feature. "I've been trying to purchase a copy of Vanilla Ice's To The Extreme on vinyl for several years, but I kept getting outbid at the last minute. But now, with one-click bidding, I finally got my prized possession, and I only had to pay $1,454,248.23!"

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While many bidders are actively using One-Click bidding, the system is still in beta. Roger Armstrong, web developer for eBay, commented, "The feature is fully functional, but there are still some issues that need to be ironed out. For example, we've a case in which two people used One-Click bidding on the same item. This generated an infinite amount of bids, which crashed our servers, but not before reaching a maximum bid of over 37 trillion dollars, which was paid immediately to the lucky seller of that crate of thermal underwear once the servers were back up."

E Bay has stated this issue, along with a couple others, in their One-Click Bidding FAQ, which must be read before activating the One-Click Bidding functionality. Users are advised not to use test it on items they aren't sure they want, or popular items.

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