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Wednesday, April 5 12:00 AM ET

BBspot Mailbag

Now you too can enjoy my Inbox without the annoying spam. Every week I get some amazing e-mail. Some amazing because of the sheer cluelessness of the sender, some because of the time and energy that went into crafting them and some are just simply amazing.


One BBeliever takes issue with our browser showdown...

Sent: Friday, April 07, 2006 8:49 AM
Subject: comment to browser comparison

This has got to be the dumbest and most unfactual piece of garbage writing I have ever heard. Why your boss/editors even keep this type of writing on their site is beyond me. How about truly doing a side-by-side comparison on the features they provide rather than domain names and coin flips. I found that I couldn’t stop reading it because of its stupidity rather than educational or useful knowledge. The entire site has become a waste of space and lost any form of revisits to the site. How can someone trust the crap that comes out of your mouth on any other subject you or your coworkers scribe.

Have a nice day in your small world.

Unlike most BBelievers this one isn't riddled with spelling mistakes and grammar errors. I think that makes it even more frightening.

Even with two disclaimers it still gets BBelievers...

From: Jeff
Sent: Friday, April 07, 2006 12:02 PM
Subject: article on Esanam Ayele

I would like to find out more about Esanam Ayele if possible. I am an At-Risk Coordinator at xxxxxxxx High School in xxxx and would love to find out more about possible initiatives to do for our at-risk youth.

I believe they might be at-risk from getting swindled by Nigerian scammers.

The Beat Down

One reader thinks I should review my language before posting in the BBlog...

From: Douglas
Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2006 12:38 PM
Subject: The Beat Down

"I feel bad for the Horde who got beat down by my pole"

I think we need to proof read before posting on this family site!

All I can say is "working as intended."

Public Service Announcement

One reader sends in what happens when you download a bit too much on your cell phone...

Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2006 12:16 PM
Subject: BBlooper

This is what downloading 6 GB through your phone costs with no Data plan through Cingular (no it wasn't me)


That's all for this week!

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