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Tuesday, April 18 12:00 AM EDT

Reasons Having a Flying Car Would Be Great

11. Goodbye potholes - hello air pockets.
10. Jumping stuff in the General Lee just got a whole lot easier.
9. Finally will be able to do some fly-by paintball shooting on Microsoft Headquarters.
8. You can move on to complaining about not having a personal rocket.
7. It doubles as a hovering leaf blower.
6. Explaining Bernoulli principle to friends will make you look smart.
5. Finally, something the neighbor hasn't got - yet.
4. All those years of practice in Microsoft Flight Simulator finally come in handy.
3. Kids no longer ask to be 'dropped-off' at school.
2. You could paint the bottom of your car blue and the top green.
1. A Big Gulp and a little practice means you can finally get revenge on the birds.

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This one goes to 11.

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