Tuesday, April 4 12:00 AM EDT

Ways to Celebrate Reaching Level 60

11. Try to explain why hitting level 60 is cool to your parents.

Log out, check mail, log back in.

9. Make appointment with doctor to check out severe carpal tunnel syndrome.
8. End your unplanned two-month fast.
7. Stand up. Look around. Wonder where everybody went.
6. Get a t-shirt that says, "You might be able to kick my ass in real life, but my Night Elf Druid pwns you in Warsong Gulch!"
5. Beat down some low-level horde with a fishing pole.
4. Find out what year it is.
3. Enter 12 step program at WoWaholics Anonymous.
2. Do your character's dance.
1. Drink 60 cups of coffee and play for 60 hours straight.

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This one goes to 11.

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