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Tuesday, August 15 12:00 AM EDT

Yo' Momma Insults for Gamers

11. Yo' momma's so stupid, she's barely discovering The Wheel when all other civilizations are on Advanced Techonology 23.
10. Yo' momma's so fat, if you touch her in Katamari Damacy, you win.
9. Yo' momma's so stupid she thinks up-up-down-left-right gets your more weapons in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
8. Yo' momma's so fat, Kano couldn't find her heart to rip out.
7. Yo' momma's so ugly, she says "Zug zug" and "Dabu."
6. Yo' momma's so ugly the counter-terrorists don't even try to rescue her.
5. Yo' momma's so fat, the Xbox controller laughs at her.
4. Yo' momma's so stupid, she's still trying to find a copy of "First Fantasy."
3. Yo' momma's so ugly the headcrabs jump away from her.
2. Yo' momma's so pathetic, the Duck Hunt dog won't laugh at her out of pity.
1. Thank you, Mario, but yo' momma's ass is so big, it's in another castle.

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This one goes to 11.

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