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Monday, December 4 12:00 AM ET

What Do They Put on the Other
Side of Web Pages?

By Old Gus

Old GusMe and the wife used to read the morning newspaper, and we'd flip through the pages and read the happenings and goings-on that were printed on both sides of the paper. But when we got ourselves the Interweb, we found that we could read the daily news without having to pay for the print edition, and we saved ourselves the price of a daily paper. We could read the New York Times, the Globe And Mail, and even The Onion online! No more expensive subscriptions, nasty paper cuts, or stacks of papers that needed to be recycled every month.

Surfing the Interweb is great, but it just occurred to me that every web page I view is just the front portion, and unless I'm mistaken, there's no way to flip my browser around to look and see what's being printed on the back. I figure I'm missing out on at least half the Internet!

Now am I missing something? Is there more to this Internet fad than what I've been seeing on my screen? Am I supposed to be using some sort of fancy two-sided monitor? One that I can turn around to peruse the Page 2's and 4's of the World Wide Webbamajiggy? I tried hitting the 'back' button on my webbamabrowser, but it just kept taking me to where I was before. Maybe I was clicking it the wrong way.

Or have the geniuses who came up with this Internet concept already figured it out? Maybe they're a step ahead of the game, and they've gone put all the rubbish and the trash--the full-page ads, the useless classifieds, and all the other bill-paying fluff that always cluttered up my daily news--on the back pages of the Web.

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Now that I think about it, that actually makes quite a lot of sense! People don't want really to look at the stuff on the back. There's no point! It's like reading the credits at the end of a movie, or wedding gift thank you notes.

Well if the web pages I see are the ones they want me to see, I guess those Interwebbers are doing an okay job. Now, if only they could find some way to take the commercials out of my favorite television shows...

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